Tips To Help You Prepare For A Household Move

14 April 2022
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Moving your entire household is a large task and an undertaking that you will likely have to complete a few times as an adult. However, despite a household move creating stress and upheaval in your life, it is also a new beginning at a new place of residence, which you can make easier with the right preparation. Here are some tips to help you through your upcoming household move.

Plan For the Move

As you plan for your upcoming move, there are several tasks you can start early to get your moving day off to a great start in advance. First, if you are planning to hire a professional moving company, contact a few and select one with the right services and budget for your needs. Schedule their services to secure them for your move date. You likely already know when you have to move and you can arrange the date several weeks to months beforehand which helps you schedule the movers and reserve their services and moving truck.

You can also take some steps to get your household items prepared for the move. This does not mean that you need to get everything packed up, but you can start to pack up items that you seldom or rarely use. For example, holiday decor, wall furnishings, china in your china hutch, and off-season clothing are some items you can prepare for the move. However, if you are getting help with packing from the moving company, a moving specialist with the company will preview your home's interior to evaluate how much you will be moving and establish an estimate for the packing timeline. Packing up your household can take several days depending on how much you have to pack and the professional movers can provide you with an accurate cost estimate.

Prepare Moving Day Essentials

Just as you prepare to pack up and move your household, you need to consider the items you won't want to pack up for the move. There are going to be some essentials that you need access to during your move that you don't want to get packed into a box accidentally. Your household move can span the space of a few days, especially for a cross country move or a move to another state, and you will need several days for travel until you get to your new residence and all your possessions are unpacked. 

Arrange a moving essentials bag for yourself and your household to include items such as prescriptions, clothes, personal items, important documents that you need to carry with you, and any food items or snacks to eat on the way to your new destination. While you prepare for the movers to arrive, begin with a list of essentials and add them into a suitcase or travel bag that you can take with you when the movers are finished. 

Contact a residential moving company for more info.