On Site Vs. Offsite Storage Facilities

14 September 2017
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When you want extra storage for your business, you can either rent space in an off-premises self-storage unit or rent a mobile storage unit. Both options have their pros and cons that make them suitable for different businesses and different circumstances. Answer these four questions to help you choose the right one for your business:

How Much Space Do You Have On Your Premises?

If you have some empty yard space on your premises, then you can just hire a portable storage unit, stuff it with your items and place it in your yard. That would be much cheaper and convenient than, adding a storage room to your existing building or renting an offshore storage place. However, you are better off renting an offshore place if you don't have any empty space on your premises.

How Often Do You Need To Access the Stored Items?

Accessibility is a big deal when it comes to the issue of storage. You need to know how often you will be retrieving or adding items to the storage and when (time of day) you will need to access your stored items.

You are better off with a portable storage if you want to access your stored items any time of the day and you plan to be doing that on a regular basis. This is because some offshore facilities have restricted opening hours and may not provide you with the convenience you need. Apart from that, having to drive to an offshore location several times per week is inconvenient even if you are allowed 24/7 access. It can even be more complicated if the offshore location is difficult to reach and you have to leave your moving truck a distance away and walk the rest of the way.

How Long Do You Plan To Be In The Area?

The premier advantage of a portable storage unit is the convenience of moving with it. As long as your items are in the storage unit, all you have to do is to load it onto a moving truck and cart it to your new location. In fact, if you have been using the same unit for a long time, you don't even have to load and unload it; just place it in your new premises and continue using it as before.

As you can see, both storage options have their advantages; your choice will just depend on with your specific circumstances.