Short On Moving Boxes? Creative Packing Containers You May Already Own

19 September 2017
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For most, moving from one home to another involves a lot of planning, time, and hard work. But even with careful planning, it can be difficult to determine the amount of moving boxes and packing materials that you will need to safely prepare your household for transport to your new home. Fortunately, you may already own some objects that can also double as convenient, protective packaging for other items in your home. 

Appliances double as secure storage for lightweight items

Since most people empty and thoroughly clean their appliances when prepping them for a move, it makes perfect sense to use them to hold other items during the trip. Some excellent ideas for this include: 

  • placing cleaning supplies inside the clothes washer, so that any spills are contained and can be easily rinsed away after unpacking at the new home (please note that glass containers should not be placed inside any appliance, due to the possibility of breakage during the trip)
  • using the interior of the clothes dryer to hold the family's sneakers, rain boots, and rain wear
  • filling the interior of the refrigerator with lightweight pantry staples, such as boxes of pasta or rice, spices, or bags of flour, corn meal, and other dry goods
  • filling the slow cooker with small spice containers, loose flatware, or serving utensils
  • using the oven to hold baking trays, cookie sheets, pan liners, and other bake ware (nesting and stacking cake pans and cookie sheets, then taping them together will help to prevent them from moving about during the trip)

Remember to always take time to make sure that the interior of the appliance is completely clean and dry before filling it with other items. In addition, it is wise to use duct tape to secure the cord to the back of the appliance, as well as applying a strip to hold the lid or door securely closed during the trip. 

Kitchen wares make natural packing containers for small items 

In addition to appliances, your kitchen most likely contains many items that can double as packing containers in a pinch. Some of these include: 

  • using the cardboard tube from paper towels to hold knives and other sharp items by first taping one end securely closed, placing the knife or serving fork inside the tube, taping the other end securely closed and then stacking the filled tubes inside a large, lidded pot or roasting pan
  • placing dishtowels and washcloths between plates and bowls to cushion and protect them before stacking them inside large lidded pots and taping the pot securely closed
  • taping flatware and small objects together in bundles and placing the bundles inside canisters or empty, lidded plastic coffee cans, which can then be stacked inside plastic waste baskets or laundry baskets for transport

Unless the distance to the new home is very short, it may be best to discard or gift family or friends with any opened food or cleaning products, rather than attempting to prevent them from spilling while en route. 

Suitcases, hampers, and laundry baskets are perfect for clothing 

Suitcases, lidded trunks, wardrobe bags, and lidded blanket storage boxes make excellent containers to transport the family's clothing. Not only will these containers be easy to pack and move, but they will also help to protect their cargo from soil and damage during the trip. 

Plastic trash bags handle bulky blankets, towels, and bed linens

Bulky items can take up a lot of space inside packing boxes. Instead of purchasing several large boxes, consider purchasing heavy-duty trash bags to hold and protect folded quilts, blankets, towels, linens, or even clothes that are already on hangers. To make identifying the contents fast and easy when unpacking, remember to place a strip of masking tape on the outer surface of each bag to jot down a description of the items inside.  

For even more proactive packing tips or to schedule an upcoming move, contact a reputable local moving service in your area. Their customer service representative can help you source quality packing supplies, arrange a moving quote, and assist you with a complete, convenient moving experience.