3 Tips To Help You Make The First Night In Your New Home Easier

11 December 2017
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One of the most challenging days in a person's life is the day that they move from one home to another. Even with the help of professional movers, you will have your hands full for not only the day of the move but several days leading up to and several days after the move. Below, you will find a few tips that can at least make the first day in your new home much easier for you to handle:

Pack a Duffel

Pack a duffel as if you are going on a vacation for a few days. This duffel bag is to contain everything that you might need for a day or two without your belongings. Since you never know what can happen to a moving truck or your energy levels, you need to be prepared to make it comfortably without anything more than what you have in the bag. This bag should include things like:

Toiletries – deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, floss, towels, and washcloths

Clothing – pajamas and a couple of changes of regular clothes

Medical Supplies – first aid kit, medications, contact care products, etc.


If you're lucky, you'll at least have a mattress to put down on the floor for your first night in the house. As you are tearing your bedroom apart for the move, don't strip the bed in layers. Instead, keep all of the sheets, pillows, and blankets in one piece. Undo the sides of the fitted sheet and wrap it around all of the bedding to create one packet-type package. Slide the folded bedding into a large garbage bag, label it, and keep it out to go with you in the car. This way, if the bed doesn't make it to the new house, you at least have something comfortable to sleep on, and if it does make it, you just have to unbag it and slide the corners over the edges of the mattress.


After a long day of moving, you surely won't want to spend your evening or late night digging through boxes trying to find what you need to put together a meal.  Pack a cooler with easy to grab foods that don't require much effort to prepare. Put together a small box with the essentials – paper plates, plastic-ware, a basic pot, pan, and maybe cookie sheet – whatever you need to prepare the easy food you've packed in the cooler – and some dish soap and paper towels. Don't forget some bottled water because you need to stay hydrated as you get all of this work done.

Talk with your local movers like Four Guys & A Truck to learn more about what you can do to make the process of moving much easier for you and your family.