Packing Up Your Kids' Rooms For A Move

4 May 2018
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In many cases, one of the most difficult spaces to pack up for a move is the kids' rooms. They have so many things that they cannot live without for very long, so you cannot get packing weeks ahead of time. What can you do to make packing up the kids' rooms easier on you without stressing the kids out even more than they already are? Here, you'll find a few tips that can help.


Even though the house is yours, the bedrooms where your kids reside are their personal spaces. Because of this, it is so important that you communicate with the kids as you work to get things packed up to move.

The older the kids, the easier it will be to communicate and the more help they can be. Pre-teens and teenagers can be tasked with packing up the things that they won't need until you are settled into the new house, but the younger ones will need some help.

Listen to what the kids are saying about what they need access to. Yes, it can be hard to get a little one to allow you to pack up the toys that they haven't played with in months but all of a sudden need it, but you can do it.

Create a Picture Log

As you begin to organize the things that are getting packed up, lay it all out on the floor and take a quick picture. You can either print that picture out and stick it to the box or save it on your phone with a picture of the box attached. This will help to eliminate some of the confusion about what is in each box and make it much easier for the kids to find what they need as soon as the boxes have made it to their new rooms.

Downsize the Collection

While you're packing, try to get the kids to let go of a few things to downsize the collection. The stuff that they don't want can either be sold at a yard sale, donated to a good cause or given to a school or church for a rummage sale. Kids these days have way more stuff than they need. Downsizing the collection before the move will help to reduce the cost and the work involved.

Talk with your local movers to learn more about making your move easier. Packing up a whole house is never easy, but a little professional help can help you get through it without losing your mind.