Why You Should Have Professionals Move Your Piano

9 November 2019
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Pianos are fantastic instruments to play. They can bring any type of music to a whole other level and add something to the music that no other instrument can. They are also a lot of fun and people of all ages can have fun playing the piano, whether they are toddlers having a great time making bad sounds or an elderly person creating beautiful music for the grandchildren. Playing the piano is also something that can be done as a hobby or as a career. However, along with all the great things pianos can bring into people's lives, it does come with the huge issue of how to move it from one place to the other. They are big, they are heavy, and they can be easily damaged if not moved very carefully, which is hard to do. Here are some of the reasons why hiring a professional piano mover is important:

Pianos are extremely heavy

Not only are pianos heavy, but they are so heavy that most people can't move them, even when there are two or even more people to try to move them. Professional movers have the know-how to move pianos so that their weight is distributed in a way that allows them to move the pianos. Plus, they have the proper equipment to move them, so they don't have to physically maneuver them anymore than what's absolutely necessary.

Pianos are bulky

Not only are pianos large which makes them hard to move, but they are also bulky by design. The shape they have to them makes it hard to maneuver them through a home and can make them nearly impossible to fit around corners and through doors. Professional piano movers know all the tricks when it comes to getting pianos through those tough spots.

Pianos can be easily damaged

Pianos need to be wrapped in protective material to ensure they don't get scratched during the move, which can be difficult due to their shape. Also, no matter what precautions are taken, they can still be damaged, and this is especially true when inexperienced people are moving them. Then, there are the legs that are even more susceptible to damage due to their positioning and length.

Pianos are expensive

Not only will your piano possibly be one of your most cherished treasures, but it is likely also expensive. Pianos aren't cheap to repair, and they are extremely expensive to replace. You can significantly decrease your chances of needing to take on such expenses when you leave the moving of your piano to the professionals.

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